Airborne Regiment


  • Providing a relatively small reserve moving power that is able to delay the penetration of the enemy for a period long enough for the ground forces to be deployed in order to confront this penetration.
  • Conducting reconnaissance missions.
  • Conducting long distance patrols.
  • Conducting raids and cordoning off locations.
  • Conducting special operations behind enemy locations.
  • Performing swift and prompt security missions.
  • Participating with the rest of the forces in peacekeeping operations.

The emblem:
The sky is the symbol of the infinite and unlimited horizons of the ambition and work of the regiment. The eagle flapping its wings and pouncing down on its prey represents the will of the regiment to reach its objective with strength and determination, spreading terror, fire and destruction among the enemies.

Date of establishment:

The Airborne Regiment was established on 29/09/1992 and was located in the Ghosta Barrack.