The Directorate of Orientation

The Directorate of Orientation was created in 15/3/1981 and it was charged with the missions of ensuring the media coverage of the Army Commander’s activities, the different missions conducted by the Army and guaranteeing interaction with the local and foreign media outlets as well as civil society organizations.

Missions of the Directorate in the media field

  • Covering the different activities of the Army Commander (receptions, meetings, tours, visits, Order of the Day, Orientation publications, generalizations…).
  • Covering the different Army activities (defensive, security and development missions, serious incidents that army units encounter, martyrdom or passing of officers and soldiers…)
  • Live coverage of important events organized by the Army and broadcasting these events through the Lebanese Army official website.
  • Preparing and editing military books and leaflets (Army magazine, National Defense Magazine…) in addition to the Soldier’s Radio Program and all filmed programs produced by the Directorate of Orientation.
  • Covering scientific and cultural conferences where the Army participates.
  • Guaranteeing interaction with civil society, universities and schools through lectures and the organization of seminars, celebrations and military parades.

Means of contact with the Army Command – Directorate of Orientation:

  • The official website of the Lebanese Army which publishes and generalizes news, statements, photographs and videos with the possibility of downloading the publications issued by the Directorate.
  • The Army page on the social media website (Facebook) on the following address
  • The Army account on Twitter: @LebarmyOfficial.
  • The Army channel on Youtube: TheLebaneseArmy.
  • The Army account on Instagram: lebanesearmy_official.
  • Using LAF News application (to be directly informed of LAF news and activities and to receive Push notifications as soon as they are published). This application can be downloaded through LAF accounts from Google Store and App Store.

  • Citizens and companies may send filming permits requests to the Directorate of Orientation on the following address: Furthermore, any other requests related to the work conducted by the Directorate of Orientation through the following address: