Military Healthcare


  • Preserving a healthy and safe military community.
  • Providing healthcare services with excellent.
  • Keeping up with the scientific and technical progress in the fields of health prevention, diagnosis, research and treatment.
  • Constantly working on developing humanitarian and technical resources and facilities.


Date of establishment:

As a result of the announcement of Lebanon’s Independence in 1943, the French Army handed over to the Lebanese Army the central dispensary and 2 barracks in Badaro – Beirut. On the 1st of August 1945, the Healthcare Directorate in the Lebanese Army was established. On 01/01/1950, the central dispensary was transferred to the central military hospital. The healthcare in the army was reorganized under the operation of a medical brigade on 08/23/1983. As of 01/08/1998, the medical brigade was cancelled and the Military Healthcare was established.


The accomplishments of the Military Healthcare:

  • Providing healthcare and medical services for over 350 000 beneficiaries from soldiers, civil employees and their families.
  • Upgrading the equipment of eye surgery in the surgical operations branch.
  • Developing a computed radiography section.
  • Developing central military laboratories, particularly the tissue laboratory, the blood bank and the molecular biology laboratory.
  • Establishing medical dispensaries in different Lebanese regions.
  • Rehabilitating and maintaining some facilities.
  • Performing qualitative surgical operations.
  • Managing medical waste.
  • Developing and endoscopy section
  • Developing an emergency section, as to capacity, equipment and specialized medical staff.


The emblem:
The emblem consists of a dove on top symbolizing peace and safety, two snakes twisting around a needle to denote the conflict between illness and medication. Two laurel branches symbolize glory to all who contribute to the recovery of the sick.