The Military Police


  • Providing combat support services
  • Controling and reporting violations
  • Providing the services of a military judiciary police


The emblem:
The emblem consists of a sword a truncheon and a book symbolizing the power of law, justice, right and the implementation of rules and regulations, a flame indicating the fierceness of the battle, a surrounding steel shield denoting the mobile units, two palm branches symbolizing sacrifice and glory and the motto “Military Police” in red symbolizing the sweet blood of the martyrs.


Date of Establishment:

The Military Police was established at the Central Command in 1946 and was initially named the Army Police. In 1966, the Army Police Detachment was replaced with the Army Police Regiment. In 1968, the Army Police was abolished and was replaced by the Military Police Regiment. In 1968, many modifications were issued concerning the appellation and finally in 1991 it came to be officially known as the “Military Police”.