The Directorate of Engineering

Date of establishment:

The Directorate of Engineering was established on 15/05/1977 and was located in Bayda Building- Ain el Remmene. It was later transferred to Youssef Osta Barrack in Kfarshima as of 20/01/1982.



  • Suggesting technical specifications for the engineering equipment.
  • Receiving, storing, managing and maintaining.
  • Surveying real estate assigned to the Army from a technical point of view.
  • Preparing the documents of acquiring and confiscating real estate.
  • Managing the engineering workshops.
  • Coordinating with the state administrations concerned with engineering and energy works when need be.
  • Supervising the performance of works conducted by the engineering units in the Army and identifying the necessary needs for these works.
  • Repairing related equipment and engineering vehicles at the level of the army.
  • Providing material, equipment and needs for decided workshops and delivering them to the Independent Works Regiments.
  • Preparing projects and studies in order to rationalize energy at the level of the Army.


The emblem:
The emblem is composed of a tower symbolizing the role of engineering in setting up constructions, a cogwheel symbolizing mechanical engineering, a lightning symbolizing electrical engineering, a flame denoting science and knowledge and the escort of development, and a sword symbolizing determination and discipline.