Application for the foreign and local Media (written, audio, visual) for performing a report about an event that takes place in locations related to the military institution, airport, ports, borders)

The required documents and places of acquirement:

  • A free request presented by the concerned party (institution or individual) that includes: the type of the intended report to be performed, the concerned unit or military bureau for the report, the date, the aim of the report.
    The request should include the signature of the relevant authority along with an available phone number for contact conveniences.
  • Copies of the identification cards and journalistic cards of the crew members working for the Media Company or institution presenting the application.
  • A letter of identification for all the crew members presented by the Media company or institution.
  • In case of foreign crew members, the copies of the following documents should be presented:
  • Passport
  • The entry stamp of the General Security (upon entry to Lebanon)
  • An identification document (of the job performed by the foreign crew member) presented by the Lebanese Ministry of Information (upon entry to Lebanon)


The file processing mechanism:

  • The file processing

The application should be presented via one of the following means:

  1. Personally to the Army Command – Secretary of General Staff
  2. Email:
  3. Fax to the Directorate of Orientation: 01/424104

The concerned party will be informed of the decision of the Directorate of Orientation via phone call, fax, written document or via email on the following address:


  • Duration for accomplishment

    3 weeks minimum after the date of presentation of the application with all the required documents
  • Fees
    No fees needed

N.B: Permits related to reports regarding the military institution are currently suspended until further notice.

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