Request for a filming permit for an academic or scholar film

The required documents:

  • A personal request presented by the concerned party displaying the details of the intended work to be filmed (subject, location, date and aim) and the required equipment if need be, in addition to a phone number for coordination purposes and the names of the crew members.
  • A copy of the concerned party’s university card.
  • A document signed by the director of the university or the school principal in order to identify the student and the required academic assignment.
  • A detailed schedule demonstrating the date and location of the filming.
  • Copies of the identification cards of crew members (Lebanese) as for foreign crew members: a copy of the passport, the entry stamp from the General Security (upon entry to Lebanon) and an identification statement of the job assigned to the member presented by the Lebanese Ministry of Information (upon arrival to Lebanon in case he is not a student).
  • Authorization of the General Security for the production of the film in case the intended film will be broadcasted at a later time on an international movie theater.


The file processing mechanism, duration and fees:

The file processing:

  • The application should be presented via one of the following means:

  1. Personally to the Army Command – Secretary of General Staff
  2. Email:
  3. Fax to the Directorate of Orientation: 01/424104
  • The concerned party will be informed of the decision of the Directorate of Orientation via phone call, fax, written document or via email on the following address:

Duration for accomplishment:

  • 3 weeks minimum after the date of presentation of the application with all the requested documents
  • 1 week at least after the date of presentation of the application with all the requested documents


Requested equipment

  • In case of need for weapons, ammunition or military vehicles or equipment
  • If there is no need for military equipment



  • No fees needed
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