Request for a filming permit for a commercial film (Music Video – Movie – Documentary – Commercial …)

The required documents and their locations of acquirement:

  • A request presented by the concerned party (institution, company or individual) that includes: the type of the intended film to be produced, the location, the date, an available phone number for contact purposes and the names of the crew members.
  • The commercial circular of the concerned company or institution.
  • Authorization of the General Security for the production of the film.
  • A copy of the script.
  • Copies of the identification cards of crew members (Lebanese) in addition to a copy of the passport and visa from the General Security (upon entry to Lebanon) for foreign crew members.

N.B: In the event where the film production requires the use of equipment, weapons, ammunition or military equipment, the request should include the following:

  1. A copy of the script containing the use of this kind of weapons and equipment.
  2. A detailed schedule demonstrating the date and location of the filming with the requested members and military equipment.
  3. A copy of the scenes that include weapons and military equipment


The file processing mechanism, duration and fees:

The file processing:

  • The application should be presented via one of the following means:
    1. Personally to the Army Command – Secretary of General Staff
    2. Email:
    3. Fax to the Directorate of Orientation: 01/424104
  • The concerned party will be informed of the decision of the Directorate of Orientation via phone call, fax, written document or via email on the following address:

Duration for accomplishment:

  • 3 weeks minimum after the date of presentation of the application in case need for weapons, ammunition or military vehicles or equipment
  • 1 week after the date of presentation of the application If there is no need for military equipment


  • No fees needed
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