Graduation ceremony of soldiers and recruits with extended services

Tuesday, 26 September 2023

The Institute of Training of Enlisted Men - Araman hosted this morning the graduation ceremony of soldiers and recruits with extended services who completed the designated training period. The ceremony was headed by the Institute Commander who represented the Lebanese Army Commander in Chief, General Joseph Aoun, and attended by a number of officers.
The institute Commander General P.S.C.  Mohamad Daher delivered a speech on the occasion in which he said: “The Army has proven its professionalism, whether in confronting the Israeli enemy, combating terrorism, uncovering its sleeper cells, or in securing the land and sea borders. Therefore, exert your utmost efforts alongside your comrades in various units with the aim of ensuring the military institution continues to fulfill its vital role”.
At the end of the ceremony, a military parade was held, in which the graduating contingents participated.