Emile Boustany

Date and place of birth: 1909 - Junieh-Caza of Keserwan

Spoken Languages: French - English

Marital status: Married/3 children


  • Entered the Military Academy of Damascus as a Sergeant Cadet Officer on 14/09/1933
  • Promoted to the rank of Second Lieutenant on 01/09/1933
  • Promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant on 01/09/1937
  • Promoted to the rank of Captain on 25/01/1942
  • Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel on 01/07/1947
  • Promoted to the rank of Colonel on 01/07/1954
  • Promoted to the rank of Brigadier General on 01/01/1959
  • Promoted to the rank of Major General on 25/08/1965
  • Promoted to the rank of General on 11/07/1967


  • Attached to the 1st Levant regiment on 01/09/1934
  • Attached to the Alawits Partisans (Al Anssar) regiment on 19/06/1941
  • Attached to the 3rd Snipers regiment on 20/05/1943
  • Attached to the Military Academy in Damascus as assistant to the Academy Commander on 01/08/1943
  • Appointed Commander of the Nurses Platoon on 16/02/1945
  • Attached to the High Command Staff of War on 01/07/1945
  • Appointed as Chief of the Second Bureau at the Lebanese Army Staff of War when the Army was delivered to the Lebanese Government and was designated Deputy-Chief of Staff of War on 01/08/1945
  • Assigned Director of the Telephone Service on 01/04/1946
  • Assigned Director of Finance and Control Service on 20/02/1948
  • Assigned Air Force Commander and Commander of Rayak Air Base on 01/07/1949
  • Commissioned to the supervision of the Aviation Bureau at the army Command and Appointed as director of the Engineering Works on 01/01/1954
  • Assigned Commander of the Region of Bekaa, on 06/04/1955
  • Assigned Air Force Commander and Director of the Engineering Works on 01/11/1955
  • Assigned Air Force Commander on 19/02/1957
  • Assigned Commander of the North Region of Lebanon , on 08/06/1959
  • Assigned Inspector of Training, on 04/09/1964
  • Designated the Armed Forces Commander, on 01/07/1965
  • Legally retired on 07/01/1970
  • Passed away on 07/06/2002

Courses inside the country

  • Range–meter utility course, from 07/08/1935 to 10/08/1935
  • Accountance course from 01/12/1936 to 28/02/1937
  • Intelligence course, from 01/15/1941 to 31/01/1941
  • Complementary training course for officers from 06/02/1950 to 14/03/1950
  • Complementary Training course for senior officers from 15/01/1952 to 21/02/1952

Medals and honors

  • Lebanese Silver Order of Merit, with branches
  • Syrian Order of Merit in 2nd grade
  • Commemorative Medal of Palestine
  • National order of the Cedar in grade of Knight
  • Order of the Phoenix in rank of Commandor
  • War Medal in Silver Star
  • Lebanese Golden Medal of Merit
  • National Order of the Cedar in Officer Grade
  • American Order of Merit
  • Order of the throne of Marrakech in grade of grand officer
  • Medal of the Eagle for aviation in excellent class
  • Golden Commemorative Medal of his Holiness Pope Leon XIII of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem
  • Lebanese Order of Merit, order of Commandor
  • Commemorative Medal of 31/12/1961
  • Medal of Competence from the Minister of the Interior
  • Brazilian National Order of Merit in grade of grand officer
  • Haitian National Order of Honor and Merit in grade of Grand Cordon
  • Senegalese National Order in grade of grand officer
  • Ethiopian Grand Cordon
  • Jordanian Medal of Independence in 1st grade
  • National Order of the Cedar in grade of grand officer
  • Military Medal
  • Felicitations of the Prime Minister
  • Commendation for the troop
  • Felicitations of the Commander of the Mount Lebanon region