Victor Khoury

Date and place of birth: 1929 - Amchit - Caza of Byblos

Spoken Languages: French - English

Marital status: Married/3 children


  • Enrolled in the Army and entered the Military Academy as Cadet Officer as of 09/10/1948
  • Promoted to Second Lieutenant on 09/10/1950
  • Promoted to First Lieutenant on 01/01/1954
  • Promoted to Captain on 01/07/1960
  • Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel on 01/07/1966
  • Promoted to Staff Colonel on 01/07/1972
  • Promoted to Staff Brigadier General on 28/03/1977
  • Promoted to General on 02/08/1978


  • Assigned to the Artillery regiment on 16/10/1950
  • Assigned as commander of the 1st Tanks Battalion (Armor corps) on 01/07/1955
  • Assigned to the Artillery battalion as mechanical officer on 01/08/1955
  • Assigned as commander of the 3rd Tanks Battalion at the Artillery regiment on 01/03/1957
  • Assigned to the 5th Artillery battalion- commander of battalion, on 04/06/1962
  • Assigned to the 2nd Armored Regiment of the armored Brigade (assistant-commander of the regiment ) on 25/01/1966
  • Assigned commander of the 2nd armored regiment on 03/07/1968
  • Was attached to the region of North Lebanon on 21/07/1973
  • Assigned to the Headquarters of the 2nd Infantry brigade as Chief of Staff of brigade on 01/08/1973
  • Assigned to the Independent Anti-armor Company (Commander of Armored Vehicles) on 03/08/1974
  • Transferred to the Army Headquarters as Chief of the studies, organization and planning office on 30/08/1975
  • Appointed Chief of the joint armistice committee on 15/09/1975
  • Detached to the 2nd Infantry Brigade and to the North of Lebanon (Brigade Chief of Staff) on 25/09/1975
  • Transferred to the 2nd Infantry Brigade Headquarters (Brigade Staff - Assistant to the commander of the brigade) on 14/10/1975
  • Appointed commander of the North Sector on 10/08/1976
  • Designated Armed Forces Commander on 28/03/1977
  • Designated Minister of National Defense on 20/12/1978
  • Became Minister of National Defense with the right to return to his Basic Military assignment as Armed Forces Commander on 19/04/1979
  • Returned to his post as Armed Forces Commander on 16/07/1979
  • Released from his duty as Armed Forces Commander upon his request and was placed under the disposition of the Minister of National Defense as of 08/12/1982
  • His resignation was approved on 22/05/1983

Courses inside the country

  • Training course at the School of Sports and riflery in 1950
  • Course in mechanics from 01/02/1955 to 30/04/1955

Courses abroad

  • Training course in England from 28/09/1953 to 25/01/1954
  • Training course in France from 23/02//1957 to 21/04/1957
  • Training course in the United States of America from 21/01/1961 to 19/06/1961
  • Staff Officers course in France from 10/06//1971 to 15/06/1973

Medals and honors

  • Commemorative Medal of Palestine
  • Lebanese Silver Medal of Merit
  • National Order of the Cedar in Knight class
  • Commemorative Medal of 31/12/1961
  • Lebanese Silver Order of Merit, with branches
  • National Order of the Cedar in Officer class
  • Medal of War, two times
  • Lebanese Order of Merit in first class
  • National order of the Cedar, Class of Commander
  • National Order of the Cedar in grand Officer class
  • Commendation of the Armed Forces Commander, two times
  • Felicitations of the Armed Forces Commander, 3 times
  • Felicitations of the commissioned Commander of the Beirut Zone , one time