Chiefs Of Staff

Toufic Salem

Date and place of birth: 1904 - Tyr-Caza of Tyr

Spoken Languages: French

Marital status: Married/3 children


  • Enrolled in the 2nd Syrian Joint Legion on 10/08/1923, and joined the Military Academy in Damascus as Cadet Officer on 15/10/1923.
  • Promoted to Second Lieutenant on 18/09/1925
  • Promoted to First Lieutenant on 25/06/1928
  • Promoted to Captain on 01/04/1933
  • Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel on 15/06/1941
  • Promoted to Colonel on 01/01/1946
  • Promoted to Brigadier General on 01/07/1950
  • Promoted to Major General on 01/01/1959
  • Promoted to Lieutenant General on 01/02/1959


  • Assigned to the 3rd Levant regiment on 01/01/1926
  • Assigned as Instructor to the Military Academy of Damascus on 26/09/1929
  • Assigned to the 3rd Lebanese company of snipers on 01/09/1931
  • Assigned to the HQ of the 8th Lebanese company of snipers on 11/06/1932
  • Assigned to the 7th Levant regiment on 10/07/1932
  • Assigned to the 8th Levant regiment on 05/09/1934
  • Assigned to the 2nd Lebanese company of snipers on 25/02/1936
  • Assigned to the high command of the Staff of war- 2nd Branch, on 26/04/1937
  • Assigned to the Headquarters and was commissioned to the War Staff Command in Lebanon on 01/10/1940
  • Attached to the High Command of the French Free Forces, The Special Branch of the Armies of the Levant on 05/08/1941
  • Assigned Commander of the 2nd regiment of snipers on 10/02//1942
  • Commissioned to the War Staff of the 5th Mountaineers Brigade, as chief of War Staff on 18/04/1944
  • Assigned as Commander of the 2nd Regiment of Snipers on 16/02/1945
  • Nominated as Chief of War Staff of the Lebanese Army on 01/08/1945, following the transfer of the Army under the authority of the Lebanese National Government
  • Named the Lebanese Armed Forces Commander on 09/10/1958
  • Assigned as Military Attaché to the Lebanese embassies in Western Europe , in Paris on 01/02/1959
  • Passed away on 23/02/1959

Courses inside the country

  • Attended a course to complete his studies in Damascus from 03/03/1932 to 10/06/1932
  • Attended a War Staff course in Damascus in 1937

Courses abroad

  • Attended a course in France as from 19/04/1928 to 25/09/1929 comprising (Instructor officer in Versailles, Gunnery Field course at the military camp in Chalon, course at the Infantry and Tanks Officers School at St Mexin, participated in the great maneuvers in summer of 1929).

Medals and honors

  • Order of the Military Cross
  • Lebanese Silver Order of Merit in 2nd class
  • Syrian Medal of Merit in 3rd class
  • Commemorative Medal (Syria-Cilice)
  • Order of the Legion of Honor in Grade of Knight, from the French Government
  • Lebanese Golden Medal of Merit
  • Syrian Order of Merit in 2nd class
  • Palestine Commemorative Medal
  • National Decoration of the Cedar in grade of Knight
  • Order of the Star of Jordan in 2nd class
  • National Order of the Cedar in Officer Grade.
  • Syrian War Medal in 1st Class
  • Order of the French Legion of Honor in the Grade of Officer
  • National Order of the Cedar, order of Commandor
  • Republic of Egypt Order of Merit, 3rd Class
  • Iraqi Order of the two Rivers in 2nd Class
  • Order of the Pahlavi of the Empire of Iran in grade of Grand officer
  • King of Greece Order of the Phoenix in grade of Grand officer
  • Commendation for promotion to Lieutenant General.