Chiefs Of Staff

Walid Salman

Date and place of birth: 08/08/1954 - Shoueifat - Aley

Spoken Languages: French - English - Italian

Diplomas: Academic degree in history

Marital status: Married/ three children


  • enrolled in the Army as a Cadet Officer and joined the Military Academy starting 01/10/1973
  • promoted to the rank of Second Lieutenant starting 01/07/1976
  • promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant starting 01/07/1979
  • promoted to the rank of Captain starting 01/01/1984
  • promoted to the rank of Major starting 01/07/1988
  • promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel starting 01/07/1993
  • promoted to the rank of Colonel starting 01/07/1997
  • promoted to the rank of Brigadier General starting 01/01/2003
  • promoted to the rank of Major General starting 19/07/2011


  • Transferred to Hammana Garrison starting 04/03/1978
  • Transferred to the 1st Defense Regiment starting 03/04/1978
  • Dispatched to the Arab Deterrence Force Command starting 17/02/1979
  • Transferred to the Republican Guard Battalion starting 21/12/1982 and appointed as Reinforcement Company Commander starting 23/12/1982
  • Transferred to the 12th Infantry Brigade – Battalion 122 as head of 2nd and 3rd branches and 1220 Company Commander starting 07/11/1985
  • Appointed Commander of Battalion 22 starting 24/05/1986
  • Transferred to Mount Lebanon region – Region Command – Intelligence division starting 21/09/1991
  • Dispatched to the Army Staff for Planning as head of the personnel Register division in the Directorate of Planning starting 21/08/2000
  • Transferred to the 10th Infantry Brigade as the Brigade’s chief of Staff starting 25/09/2000
  • Transferred to the Intelligence Directorate starting 27/10/2001
  • Appointed as Director of Training in the Army Staff for Operations starting 29/10/2008
  • Appointed as the Military Academy Commander starting 10/09/2009
  • Appointed as Lebanese Armed Forces Chief of Staff starting 14/07/2011

Courses inside the country

  • Brief Computer session starting 22/07/1996 for the duration of 4 weeks in addition to another brief computer session which started in 24/05/1999 and lasted for the duration of one month
  • Italian Language session starting 21/06/1999 until 27/08/1999

Courses abroad

  •  The Infantry officer basic course in the United States of America starting 20/04/1980 until 20/08/1980
  • United Nations Military Observer Course – Finland (1998)
  • Staff College course in Italy starting 30/08/1999 until 06/08/2000

Medals and honors

  • Decoration of War, 4 times
  • National Decoration of the Cedar, Knight Grade
  • Lebanese Order of Merit, 3rd grade
  • Decoration of National Union
  • Decoration of South dawn
  • Lebanese Order of Merit, 2nd Grade
  • Decoration of Military Esteem, silver grade
  • National Decoration of the Cedar, Officer Grade
  • Lebanese Order of Merit, 1st grade
  • Decoration of Military Pride, silver Grade
  • National Decoration of the Cedar, Commander Grade
  • Commendation of the Armed Forces Commander, 8 times
  • Felicitations of the Armed Forces Commander, 27 times
  • Felicitations of the Director of the Orientation Directorate,twice
  • Felicitation of a Brigade Commander