Emblems And Banners


The emblem is composed of wheat spike on one side and half cogwheel on the other side forming a laurel, topped by a rocket and embracing a white sheet of paper and a pelican. The wheat spike denotes supplies and provisions, The half cogwheel denotes maintenance and technical support, The white sheet of paper denotes administrative work and logistic functions, The pelican denotes transportation of supplies.


The emblem is composed of a turret with a flame of fire symbolizing the engineering regiment, two rockets symbolizing the anti-armor regiment, electrons path symbolizing the signal regiment and a sword in the middle symbolizing the brigade's command.



The emblem is composed of: The Lebanese Flag in the form of a shield, the flag symbolizes legitimacy and the nation and the shield stands for protection. A laurel and oak wreath embracing the shield, the laurel symbolizes victory and the oak is a symbol of persistence and pride. Two intersecting swords at the back are symbols of determination and power. A background setting in royal dark blue color: a characterized color of Republican Guards.


The emblem consists of a cedar tree, that alludes to the immortality of Lebanon, and half of which is replaced by the six columns of Baalbeck; the column next to the cedar has the shape of the Indian numeral(1), representing the will to preserve the territory and the heritage, and denoting strength and majesty. A red contour symbolizes the blood of the brigade's martyrs.


The emblem consists of a shining sun on the upper part and a red color setting on the lower part. The first upper part symbolizes hope, sovereignty, light and radiance, the lower part symbolizes sacrifice. In the heart of the sun stands a map of Lebanon with a Lebanese flag on top forming both the Indian Numeral (2) the motto of the brigade. Within the red blood setting in the lower part, the name “2nd Brigade” is written with the insignias of the brigade, symbolizing readiness to sacrifice for the sake of Lebanon.


The emblem consists of the silver sword of right and force emerging from the brown soil of the country, held firmly by hands of 3rd brigade warriors in defense of their home land. The sword is embraced with the flame of sacrifice which enlightens our blue sky and burns the enemy with its blazes, so that our green cedar remains eternal, uniting us in its heart, same as Indian numeral (3) appears in the heart of the cedar. The emblem bears the motto “our land is ours”.


The emblem is composed of a phoenix, “legendary bird that lives through five centuries’ on a sky-blue background, holding the Indian numeral (5) five and emerging from the flames symbolizing sacrifice and resurrection, and on top the motto, “From my ashes Lebanon arises”.


The emblem is composed of two colors background setting, blue on top and red below. A golden sheep head sits in the middle with fire tail, symbolizing the will to attack and assail with determination and resolution.


The emblem is characterized with the Indian numeral (7) symbolizing victory with a green cedar in the middle symbol of persistence, both encircled with a rampart symbolizing a historical fortress with the motto“for all Lebanon”. The black setting is a symbol of endurance.


The emblem of the 8th Infantry Brigade consists of the following:
1 – The number (8): Symbolizing the number of the Brigade.
2 – The Cedar: Symbolizing the immortality of Lebanon.
3 – The Sword: Symbolizing the firm right in confronting the enemy
4 – A lightning base: Symbolizing the execution with lightning speed.
5 – Armor: Symbolizing the immunity in defending the country.
6 – The Laurel: Symbolizing the laurel that only grows at the highest mountain tops and between rocks, indicating the strength and steadiness of the Brigade.


The emblem consists of a lightning symbolizing permanent readiness and rapid execution, a grip holding the sword of right and drops of blood symbolizing self-donation with no limits.


The emblem is composed of an eagle swooping down on its prey symbolizing rapidity and precision in fixing and eliminating the target, an eye of an eagle symbolizing courage and no fear, and an expanded wing denoting protection of friendly forces.


The emblem is composed of a clear sky symbolizing peace and a bright sun spreading its rays over Mount Lebanon, revealing a new dawn shining over the site of the Brigade since its formation, and a rifle armed with a bayonet symbolizing readiness in defense of the country.


The emblem consists of a white horse jumping over the mountains, with a background setting in black and blue colors. The white horse symbolizes boldness, courage and nobility. The mountain symbolizes obstacles and difficulties, the black and blue colors symbolize emergence from darkness towards light.