Ski School


  • Conducting special missions on snow (combat, rescue, opening roads,…)
  • Preparing and training the Army Sports teams in the field of Skiing
  • Training cadets of academies, military schools and members of army units to skiing and mountain combats.
  • Teaching members of other security forces the Art of Skiing.
  • Performing search and rescue operations for missing individuals and individuals trapped in snow in all sorts of weather conditions and evacuating sick people and casualties.
  • Constant coordination with the Lebanese Ski Federation and foreign military Federations in order to exchange expertise and organize competitions in the Cedars.


The emblem:

The emblem is composed of a skis represent the art of skiing, a backpack and a rifle refer to the readiness to intervene either for rescue or for fighting.


Date of establishment:

In 1935, the French Army established the first Ski and Combat School in the mountains of Becharri – North Lebanon. in 1937, the Army Command decided to establish a building for this school and it was located in Youssef Rahme Barrack – the Cedars.